Pedigree Info

How can Pedigree Analysis help my lame horse?

Genetic Defects

Why is it important to know if your horse has genetic defects?
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Genetic Assets

Genetics can help with desirable traits too ...
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Color Genetics

Genetics are not only useful for detecting genetic diseases and genetic assets
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To add your horses info to our database please email your info to foals@manitobahorse.com

OR preferably go to facebook - friend Sharalee Worms and PM your information

Ideally we would like:
A copy of your DNA Results
A Copy of Your Horse's Reg
A Copy of the pedigree

But we will gladly accept just a typed note with the Registered name and Reg number and the DNA results.</p>

We want all DNA tested horses - both NN and Disease positive.

We are also interested in information regarding horses you may have owned in the past that you now think may have had PSSM.

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We are easy to talk to and we care

Choose which way you prefer to make contact - facebook, or by email, or by messenger.  No questions are dumb questions and education means questions so ask away.