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In light of Facebooks recent announcement that they are planning to Censor even more than they have been we are starting to prepare for a day when we will no longer be on facebook.  We now have Chat on the site.  Unfortunately for now it is only for members.  If I can figure out how to make it public I will likely do that in the future but for now if you are a member you can connect with me and other members via login on the site.  I honestly don;t know how well this feature will work - I beleive it can do group chats but we'll see how it all goes.  For now I am hoping people will find it helpful.  For myself personally it might say I am online and I might not be - I often leave my computer online all day and pop in and out but please feel free to message me and I will get back to you as soon as I see it.  Go ahead - login and let me know what you think.  If you like it, or if you can think of ways I might be able to improve it.


Only individual horses that are nn for all Dominant genetic defects* may be advertised in the Classifieds at this time.  These include MH, HYPP, PSSM1, PSSM2 Variants including P2, P3, P4, P8, and K1.

Only Ranches that offer test results with all their advertised for sale horses may advertise under the Ranches heading.

*Horses may be offered for sale with testing guaranteed to be nn for dominant defects for untested horses.

By advertising your horse you are stating that you are in complinace with the aobve statments.

DISCLAIMER:  IMPORTANT!   BRIDGEquine and anyone associted with ownership of BRIDGEquine MAY NOT be held accountable for any financial or emotional loss or suffering in connection with any advertised horse or any sale or purchase made as a result of using this classified ad forum.



MEMBERS! Our feature horse for the month of September is Blackburn.

Previous featured horses have been Yellow Jacket and Midnight - this month we will look at a horse who goes back to both Yellow Jacket and a Sister of Midnight.  Blackburn was born in 1927 - his sire, Yellow Jacket is in approximately 70-90% of every modern quarter horse and quarter cross pedigree. Out of 148,250 descendants 2901 are PSSM1 positive.  Blackburn's dam is a mare named Siss who's sire is Peter McCue who is also Midnight's sire - out of 53340 descendants in our database 2195 are PSSM1 positive. We have approx. 2975 Western Breed PSSM1 positive horses in the database at this time.  For fun this month every pedigree you search will have a DARK BLUE Mark for every horse in that pedigree that goes back to Blackburn. 

We think Blackburn had a very good chance of being P1 positive.

The Feature Mark will not appear in the legend at the bottom of the Pedigree screen - this article and the Popout Tab at the top right that says Feature Horse are the only places the dark blue marks are explained.

Go ahead - take this feature for a spin members - search your horse.   You can click each horse with a dark blue mark and follow it back until you hit blackburn to see how he fits into your pedigree.

Great Example if you don't know a horse to start with? Try looking up the mare Rio Amazing Echo -  she goes back to Blackburn a few times in her pedigree. 

Have Fun with it!  If you think this is a fun feature - like this article with our new like buttons.

Is there a horse you would like to see featured? Message me or email me and I'll see if I can make it happen.

Looking for a stallion to breed your mare to?  Test drive our new feature!.   

Something along these lines:

You will be able to zoom in and see countries closer.

UPDATE!!!!  on the right hand side you can see a sort of working copy of what we are proposing - just scroll down to the NN Stallions MAp Menu and click on Western Breeds - we have to come up with different colored icons yet and work out a few other glitches but we are excited to ofer this new feature!

When you mouseover or click a pin it will give the stallions name and what he has been tested for and 1 piece of contact info to the place he is standing.

Only stallions with clean tests will be on the map.  In order to qualify they will have to be tested for minimum of P1 (or 5 panel if a Western Breed).   We will have two different colors - One will show horses only tested for P1 or Western breed 5 panel and one will show horses tested for P1 (5 panel for Western Breeds) and the   variants P2, P3, P4, PX - other testing will show up eg. if the stallion has been tested for IMM - any horse that has been tested for the minimum but then comes up positive with any additional test will be removed.  At this time the map will only be for horses that have tested clean for every test they have had.  We may consider a thrid color in the future for horses that have tested clear for all dominant genetic defaults but that are carriers for recessive genetic defaults.

We will start the map with an introductory cost of $10 per horse added - there will be a form to add your horse in the right side column once this feature is implemented. The horse is added permanently and it is a one time charge. The horse will stay up indefinitely as long as all test results are clear.  We will not be held responsible for any horses that are posted but are not tested clear fo something, it is still up to the mare owner's to do due diligence and ask the stallion owner if the stallion is clear for all testing.  Future price will increase once the map is receiving sufficient traffic.   Is this a feature that would interst you?  If yes - please like this article.  If you would like to have your horse featured on the map - please contact us.

Our new software is up and running and seems to be working well.  It is definitely a better experience if you use a computer to access the online database - we have  worked on a work around toget it to work on cel phones as well and it;s a bit clunky but it does work - the search button is at the bottom and is not as streamlined as the full site one but it does work.  While the new system with the marks will likely be confusing at first we hope as you use the site more you will find it very helpful.

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