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We are going through some pretty major software changes in the next two months - things will be changing first of all in the operating system and this can show up as broken links or various aspects of the site not working and other glitches.  If you come across something that isn;t working right we would appreciate an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. explaining what you were trying to do and what did not work.

The second phase of the software update, which will be done after the operating software is all working will be a significant change in the how information in the database will be viewed giving much clearer representation of the data and the ability to look up individual genetic defects and see color coding for the pedigree.  This is how I am now able to view pedigrees and I want to try to share that with the online members.  We'll see.  As I said it is a major undertaking and I am hoping to be able to have it implemented by the end of February 2023.  Thank you for your patience in these matters.




Thinking about becoming a member?
We would like give you a few tips to make your experience go well.

1. If you order reports you should get them within 48 hours unless you order them on a Saturday - so please do not go to Paypal for not receiving a report.  Contact us first. Please :) Every once in a while our reports go in your spam or junk file, so check those first and then contact us.

2. If you don't understand something, just ask.  We have tried to explain everything as well as possible but sometimes people still have questions.  Please Ask! :)

3.  Our goal is to help people and help horses for as reasonable a price as possible.  We are not here to make money.  So if you are having trouble please ask :)

Are you a BRIDGE member and a do-it-yourselfer who enjoys looking up horses on the database but find that horses you are looking for are not in the database yet?

Just Add the horse with the Add a horse option and it will get added to the database so you can look it up yourself.

Please keep in mind that the Add a Horse horses are usually updated last so it might take a bit to see it come up.

And just a reminder - if you are looking for a popular horse that doesn;t seem to be in the database it could be that horse is marked private so won't show up.  You can order a report and I will give you the info taking all the horses in the database into consideration.

Also a friendly reminder - if you find errors in our data entry please take the time to report the error so we can fix it - the database is only good if it is accurate and we strive to make it as accurate as possible.

Absolutely no screen shots of pedigrees or genetic info may be taken and published online.   Violation of this policy means 1 warning and then cancelation of membership with no refund.  this rule is non-negotiable and by purchasing this membership you are agreeing to this policy.

Sorry - we do not provide reports on Sundays, please allow an extra 24 hours if you submit a report Saturday night or Sunday.

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