Pedigree Analysis

How can Pedigree Analysis help my lame horse?

Genetic Defects

Why is it important to know if your horse has genetic defects?
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Genetic Assets

Genetics can help with desirable traits too ...
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Color Genetics

Genetics are not only useful for detecting genetic diseases and genetic assets
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We most PSSM results on Quarter horses in the Members online database as AQHA has now made those results accessible to the public anyway.  We also  publish all PSSM 2 results that are on the equiseq website under public horses.   We will also publish all results that have been made public in forums, on allbreed, on websites, etc.

Our Policy does remain the same that if you do not want your horses information in the Members online database you just need to send us a polite message requesting your results remain private.  Your horse's name will appear in the search engine but the pedigree and information will not display.   Since the inception of our database we have been dealt with the issue of trying to make sure no horses were published that the owners wanted to remain private but in doing so there are thousands of horses that the owners really dont care if their info is published, we just can't contact everyone.  So in light of the fact that the information is available anyway we will now be releasing many more horses into the online database.  Again, if you do not want your horse there, just let us know.  All previous horses who's owners have requested privacy for will not be released.

With the info readily available from AQHA we now have a lot more 5 panel stats on a lot more stallions in the database making it easier to try to track where PSSM has come from on horses who were never tested, and also making it easier for those who want to use nn stallions to check their status.

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