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Learn About PSSM

Learn About PSSM

Learn About PSSM


Pedigree Analysis

How can Pedigree Analysis help my lame horse?

Genetic Defects

Why is it important to know if your horse has genetic defects?
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Genetic Assets

Genetics can help with desirable traits too ...
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Color Genetics

Genetics are not only useful for detecting genetic diseases and genetic assets
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Keep track Of the Database - 275,754 Horses at the Start of the Week







For this project:

AQHA has reports which show horses that have had their registrations cancelled.

We have downloaded the following and are entering their information in the database as we have time:

- UNKNOWN DAM CANCEL (as of 2018) -  1550 foals - report is 128 pages long
this report includes the offspring to 2 generations of all the mares who are listed as unknown - canceled

We currently have 594 out of the 1550 foals information added.

- UNKNOWN SIRE CANCEL (as of 2018) - 1094 foals - report is 53 pages long

We currently have 476 out of the 1094 foals information added.

It is our theory that this info may be useful in helping to discern cases of paper switching and other yet to be determined areas of usefulness.
I have taken on the project of entering all of these horses in the database.  When I look at a report for a horse for something I can clearly see if there are any of these canceled horses in the pedigree and that would alert me to the possibility that the pedigree may not be correct from that canceled horse back.  Where it is relevant I try to trace these canceled pedigrees for more information.

As we come up with relevant info we will publish articles for our members.

the progress of this project is shown below by the progress bar.


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Apr 9, 2019

Horses 275,754

5 Panel NN 4558

PSSM1 nn 8813
PSSM1 pos 3047
PSSM2 pos 766

HYPP nn 9317
HYPP pos 4866