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Learn About PSSM

Learn About PSSM

Learn About PSSM


Pedigree Analysis

How can Pedigree Analysis help my lame horse?

Genetic Defects

Why is it important to know if your horse has genetic defects?
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Genetic Assets

Genetics can help with desirable traits too ...
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Color Genetics

Genetics are not only useful for detecting genetic diseases and genetic assets
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IP stands for Incontinentia pigmenti - it is a dominant disease.

IP causes skin lesions soon after birth that develop into warty areas with hair loss. Wooley hair may grow back in these areas. Affected horses have streaks of light and dark coat color from birth. (may be mistaken for a color pattern because affected animals have a striped appearance resembling the brindle pattern in dogs) In addition, there are abnormalities of tooth, hoof, and eye development.

Only affected mares have been observed; affected males die before birth.  Affected mares also have trouble with aborting foals.

Genetic Codes:

XX     This horse is a normal female.

XXIP    This horse is an affected female.  She will pass the mutation (XIP) to 50% of her offspring. She can become pregnant with foals of all four genotypes: normal female (XX), affected female (XXIP), normal male (XY), and affected male (XIPY).  Affected male fetuses are not viable and are spontaneously aborted during pregnancy.

XY      This horse is a normal male.

XIPY    Horses with this genotype are not viable, and XIPY fetuses spontaneously abort during pregnancy.  No live affected male foals are possible.

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