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To take a good usable hair sample for DNA testing you need:

Plastic Ziploc bag - (snack size works well)
Piece of clean blank white paper
Downloaded Order Form fromt he Lab you will be using

1.) Fold the paper to make an envelope that fits inside your ziploc - write your name and the Reg name of your horse on the outside of the Paper Envelope.
2.) Take the Ziploc and the paper envelope and go to your horse.
3.) Wrap about 25-35 mane (tail for a foal) around your finger and hold on tight.
4.) Give a very fast, firm, sharp downward tug/yank.  This will remove the hair by the roots.  
5.) Carefully, without touching the roots (the little bulbs on the ends of the hair) to anything else, put the hairs inside your folded paper.
6.) Put the paper in the Ziploc.
7.) Fill out your order form and put it and your Ziplocked hair sample in another envelope and wirtie the address from the order form on your envelope.
8.) Mail to the Lab.

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