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<p>There are numerous ways you can help us out at BRIDGEquine.</p>
<p><br />1. Send in any info on DNA tested horses that you have - ideally a copy of the DNA results, a copy of the horse's registration papers, and a pedigree if you have, but we also accept just a text message (find us on facebook as BRIDGEquine or Sharaleee Worms) with your horse's reg name and DNA results works too!</p>
<p>2. Put your name in (by texting us or emailing) to look up horse's at the end of every month with your unused AQHA credits.  We are constantly trying to verify pedigrees and are constantly looking for Sire Offspring Reports and Dam Offspring Reports for specific horses.</p>
<p>3. If you find any errors in the database PLEASE contact us so we can correct them immediately as we are striving for the impossible goal of 100% accuracy.</p>
<p>4. Consider sending us any info you have on any genetic diseases, videos, pictures, etc, your own personal story on how a particular genetic disease has affected you and if your horse has a genetic disease we have not got info on yet please feel free to bug us to start collecting.</p>
<p>5. And last but not least please consider making a donation toward the input and upkeep of our website and database - there is a donation button in the middle of the site.</p>
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