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This site is intended to be a helpful tool but MUST IN NO WAY BE USED to make financial decisions.

We assume NO RESPONSIBILITY WHATSOEVER for any financial loss or emotional loss resulting from decisions based on using information from our website.

We are hoping to provide you with information to make educated guesses but we always recommend TEST, TEST, and TEST.

If you have a disease positive horse on our site that you do not wish to have in our database please inform us.  We will remove your horses info from the public database.  All horses over 20 automatically have their info entered in the Online database - you must contact us after your horses 20th birthday to have it permanently removed.  If your horse changes ownership it will be up to the new owner to decide if they want it in the online database.

Our intention is only to get as much information as possible to accurately depict lines of disease positive horses and NEVER to try to hurt someone financially.

Although we have done our best to make this site as accurate as possible it is possible that there are errors.  We ask for your help by having you contact us if you find an error, so we can correct it. 

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