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Karen's Story

   Today the day I dreaded but somehow I'm relieved to know I have done my best but it is not working. My mare Paige (Exclusive Paige) had her last visit from the vets. After 7 months of fighting to manage and maintain her to be symptom free I got the hard word from my vets who say it is time to say enough.

   I have tried everything suggested from the wonderful people on the PSSM Group, Loretta Hammond Grosset my thanks for all your messages and time and thanks to my vets. It has been a journey of highs and lows, laughter and despair and today.... tears. Paige was to be my dream show horse after my other horse became lame with ringbone.

   The dream lasted exactly one week culminating in a major tying up issue where her CK and AST levels went through the roof, from there her AST and CK levels have never returned to normal. Feed and supplements have not enabled her to be symptom free. Tomorrow I am having my beautiful mare euthanized.

   To all of you who have your horse symptom free I am so happy for you and your horses. I just wish that when Paige was foaled the genetic testing was available maybe she wouldn't have been born. Paige is P1/P1 and unfortunately her sire is still being used even though he is known to be positive.

UPDATE! Paige passed peacefully with her head on my lap as I stroked her head. She is now pain free finally. I can smile for her now. This would be so easy for this to be removed from breeding lines of every horse. Test! And if they are positive - do the right thing - don't breed it forward.   REPRINTED WITH PERMISSION

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