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Our privacy policy mostly pertains to our database.   Our main focus of our database is researching lines that carry genetic diseases with a sole focus on finding lines that are clear for genetic diseases - by request we realize that others could utilize our info for the purpose of buying breeding and caring for affected horses and we have made a portion of the database accessible to our members.

We have had some people give us info and have asked to keep their info private. 

Those horses do not go into the member accessible database, their names appear but their info does not.  We do use their info for Pedigree Analysis when individuals order that service, but horses that are requested to be private have their info kept off the online database.

We are doing our best to keep everyone happy - if you find a horse in the online database  that you own and info is displayed that you do not wish to be displayed please contact us using the Correct A Horse form and politely ask us to remove it.

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