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The Database was started in 2015.  It was initially designed to search for source horses for PSSM1.  We still have not conclusively reached that goal but in the years since 2015 we have entered more than 300,000 horses.  And a lot of information on many of those horses.  Everything from DNA tests done, to notes on temperament, notes on horses who's papers are likely incorrect, and much much more. 

Sadly some people think the database is just a few randomly entered horses with no attention to accuracy and that the information we give out is just us trying to give certain horses a bad name - nothing could be further from the truth we invite you to read up on what our database actually is.

+ We currently track the following diseases and mutations: HYPP, MH, PSSM1, GBED, HERDA, MIM (PSSM2) P2  MFM P3, P4,  P5/P6, P8, K1 and PX (RER), IMM, PQ (symptomatic horses that have been genetically tested and cleared for all current PSSM tests), CA, CSID, DSLD, NAD (EDM), IMM (MYHM), OLWS, WFFS, SDA, JEB, CNSB, and other things like Cushings, Crypt horses, and colors and some color patterns

+ We also have started tracking the following genetic positive traits: Large Heart (X Factor), The Speed Gene, and we will start tracking the gaited genes when testing becomes more common.

+ We track all breeds all over the world.

+ We track both positive and negative - looking for source horses and attempting to clear lines as well.

+ We have no desire to defame any horse - as owners of all Impressive (nn) bred horses ourselves we well recognize the tragedy of hysteria over one horse being pinpointed.   In Impressive's case the masses avoided his lines for many years instead of using the tools of genetic testing to acquire HYPP clear horses and continue enjoying the incredilbe genetics he brought to the horse world.  When big name brands do come up positive we hope our database can help people to find the clear ones in the line and continue breeding, using, and owning them - not avoid the lines.

+ We always recommend testing and stress that our Report information is not to be confused with a genetic test result, nor is it to be used to make financial or permanent decisions of any kind.  We do recognize the value of our information for those who are wondering if their horse needs to be tested, wondering what their horse needs to be tested for, what their horse or a horse they are considering buying might have lurking in the background that they may need to deal with in the future, and just for people curious about what is in their horses back ground. But if you are buying or breeding - TEST.  

+ As we get more and more info collected we can start to be more and more confident predicting a horse to be nn - we cannot however ever say with any surity just on pedigree alone (unless a horse has a homozygous parent) that a horse is positive for a disease.  If a horse has a parent with a disease but that parent is heterozygous then the foal always has a 50/50 chance of being NN so don't rule out lines if there are known Positives in the back ground - if you like the horse - test.  If we have a list of symptoms and a pedigree our ability to predict a positive is much greater.  On some things like HYPP and MH we can give a very accurate idea of if the horse will be nn.

Here are some facts about the database.

1.) It is actually in two parts - there is the main database which has ALL the info, and then there is the online database (available to members) that has select info - some people do not want their horses info to be made public.  These horses names will appear in the search but no info will be given on them online.

2.) We strive for accuracy because accuracy is critical to being able to work toward the goal of knowing which lines are clear and which have positive horses.

3.) We have put in over 15000 hours into this database since 2015. 

4.) Between entering data, updating and correcting info, examining pedigrees and answering questions about 8 hours a day (usually more like 14 hours and rarely 4 hours) is spent on this project - to date the project has brought in much less than $1.00 per hour on time spent in revenue - CLICK HERE TO READ HOW THIS IS POSSIBLE

5.) We publish all results for the following diseases in the online (Member Access) database - HYPP, HERDA, GBED, MH and OLWS - for PSSM1 we publish all horses that have their results publicly displayed elswhere, eg. on their website, on facebook public groups, on allbreed, through AQHA etc. (unless their owners contact us and ask their horses to be taken out of the online DB) - if your horse is up there and you want it removed please contact us with a polite request to remove it.

Safe Guards

1.) At this time only one person enters data into the actual database so no one can make unauthorized changes which is a problem on other pedigree sites where people can enter info themsleves.  In the future carefully screened select individuals with integrity will be recruited to help enter data.

2.) We spend a lot of time getting info from AQHA reports every month that we use to verify AQHA horses.  We have corrected thousands of errors from pedigrees that were inaccurate on other sites using this method.  All horses marked with VREF in their status have had their sire and dam verified by looking at the breed orgnaizations pedigrees and we have files on hand to verify those entries.  (We also verify through other registries as well whenever we come across a discrepency).  

3.) We try to enter color whenever it is easy to do.  If we come across a horse that the colors are incorrect (eg. sorrel parets produce a buckskin) we flag the horse in our private database as this can be an indication of an incorrect pedigree or it might just be that the colors were reccorded incorrectly - if such a horse shows up in a pedigree that we are analyzing we investigate further until we are satisfied we have the correct colors or we have exhausted all verifiable avenues.

4.) We have acquired reports for all Canceled registrations for AQHA horses up until April of 2018 and flag them in our private database so if they show up in a report we have an idea that pedigree might not be accurate.  ( we are still working on entering those - they show up as the name fo the horse with the word CANCELED in caps behind it.

Interesting Details

Read on to find deatils on how things are tracked:

STATUS  - Ref is just an inhouse tag that we used to use to know which horses should be uploaded to the online database.  Vref means the horses parentshave been verified via a reliable surce such as a reg paper or a breed registry.  Other References we use are HOLD - (these horses show up but no info is given online - they are on hold for various reasons. (need more info, need to verify info, etc.) and then we have NEVER EVER PUBLISH (These are horses who's owners have contacted us and asked us not to publish their info - their names appear but their info does not.)

NAME - The default is American Quarter Horse - all other horses have their breed (or an Abbreviation) in ALL CAPS behind their name.  Eg. an Appaloosa would be Dreamfinder APP.  Also on the name you might see ** or *** - *** means the horse is past foal bearing years and all known AQHA recorded foals are entered into the database from verifiable AQHA records which we can produce.  (Some other breeds have their offspring entered as well) If the horse has ** it means all foals at the time report was retrieved are entered but the horse is still of producing age and could possibly have more foals than what we have shown.  In most cases only the number of QH foals is shown when the *** tag is used - this does not mean that others aren't entered - a 30 year old horse that has 20 foals showing but has also sired 15 APHA foals will most likely just have the number of AQHA foals showing in the number of foals area - but his other offspring will still show up in the online database.   Some breeds have the crazy practice of registering more than one horse with the same name (especially AQHA with horses that have a possessive - like Bob's Best there could be a Bob's Best and a Bobs Best - but AQHA will have them both as Bobs Best - yes very confusing - when we come across these we take special care to make sure the right pedigrees are with the right horses and the offspring are correct - we differentiate with something - usually the birth year - so the most relevant one would be Bobs Best and the other one would be Bobs Best 1945 (or whatever year the horse was born) - this is also common in Throughbred Peds and Warmblood Peds.

FOUNDATION HORSES - We have entered and verified the first 3020 horses by number from AQHA and this is a project we continue with as we have time.

ALL FOALS - We have entered all foals of some of the relevant big name horses: such as Impressive (2251 AQHA Reg foals), Sonny Dee Bar (1077 AQHA Foals), Jet Deck (580 AQHA Foals), Dan Waggoner (345 AQHA Foals), Chubby (237 AQHA Foals), Waggoner (223 AQHA Foals) and many more - look for horses with a *** behind their name - they have all their AQHA foals entered. 

Known Innaccuracies:
Trackable pedigrees are our main goal - so that we know the horse we are looking at is an individual and the right individual. Sometimes some of the minor details are innacurately logged in if we do not have a good source - we are constantly going over the database to correct these as we find them.  Our most stringent information entered is the horse and the genetic testing he has had done, or the conclusions we have come to on horses being positive and the sire and dam of said horse.

The main horses in the database are Quarter Horses - so the default is AQHA - sometimes when entering horses info if the info is not complete the default AQHA will be entered as the Registry

The database keeper is most familiar with Western Breeds - some of the European Warmblood types can be confusing with the different breeds and different reigstries so their Registry info is not always accurate but we do our best to maintain our goal of making sure the right horse has the right pedigree.  If you find inaccuracies please submit a correction.  

Ww readily admit there are errors in the database but these are almost all to do with irrelevant details and not to do with the genetic information itself.  We spend lots of time scanning updating and correcting as regular maintenance.

Common Questions

How do you mark a horse PSSM positive if it hasn't been tested?
Good Question.  Horses with an asterisk in front of a genetic result (eg. *P1) are marked with that result because by default they are positive.  eg.  foal is P1 - sire is nn - means the mare is P1 so her result is recorded as *P1 OR A horse is n/HERDA - he only has one line that goes back to Poco Bueno - the horses in that line are marked *HERDA another eg. a horse is tested as P1/P1 - all his offspring would then be labelled as *P1

How do you mark a horse suspect in the Database?
Another good question. There are number of reasons why a horse might be marked suspect.  
      a. Researchers in the beginning published some works that got people speculating on some specific horses - those horses are marked as suspect - though as time goes on as info has come to light some of them have been removed from the suspect list for now
      b. If a horse has a certain percentage of positive descendents in the database they are marked as supsect so that a flag will go up when they are in a pedigree so that we take a closer look - many horses have been found to be very very likely to be positive using this method and also some horses have been found to be  very likely clear using this method - and some have bounced back and forth from being suspect to being non suspects.  As more info is entered better answers are found.
      c. If a clear picture of a horse comes to light via a horse having a reputation for having a nasty temperament, and symptoms of a specific disease and a reputaion for throwing those symptoms and temperament to a significant portion of his/her foals - then they are marked as a suspect and they become a "Project" (CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT PROJECT HORSES)

I sent you my info, how come its not up or how come all of it is not up?

The main goal of the database is genetic diseases - nn info and pos info takes priority - sometimes that is all their is time to record - the name and the genetic info - especially with the nn ones - we do not always get the pedigree entered right away - rest assured eventually it will get done in one of our update/correction sessions - if it is very important to you please message us and we will make it a priority.  Color takes a second priorty for entering color test results so those often don't make it for a long time.  If any info is missing that is important to you please contact us.  


What we see
The online database results look different than what we see when we look at pedigrees: 

This is what someone would see when looking at the online database:
The top circled part shows the known genetic status of the subject horse - if you scroll down - the arrows point to blocks which show PSSM1  at a glance

Please refer to the Legend in the database for the color codes.

The pic below is pre July 2020 - new updates were done in July 2020 and the pedigrees look slightly different now with more and clearer information.

This is what we see when doing a pedigree analysis of the same pedigree above:
We can put any horse in and see where it shows up in the pedigree - we have circled Yellow Jacket (YJ) in this pedigree to show you (red dots on the last generation visible)  Thats a lot of Yellow Jacket and this is very typical to how most QH less than 15 years old look for YJ.

We can run this type of report for all the gentic diseases we track so we can see which horses are nn for the particuliar disease we run the report on, we can see at a glance which ones have pos offspring, which ones are suspect and which ones are positive - as well for some diseases we go further and mark postive grandfoals and positive great grandfoals so we can start seeing patterns.

We can also get a total of all descndants and figure out how many of those descendants are positive.


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