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     Letter Codes
 Genetic Issue Positive  Pos Foal  Suspect  Negative
PSSM1  P1, n/P1 or P1/P1 PF  Suspect n/n

P2, n/P2 or P2/P2
P3, n/P3 or P3/P3
P4, n/P4 or P4/P4
P8, n/P8 or P8/P8
K1, N/K1 or K1/K1

PF Suspect n/n
PX (RER)  PX, n/PX or PX/PX  PF Suspect n/n
MH MH, n/MH PF Suspect n/n
HYPP H, n/H or H/H PF Suspect n/n
Carrier =
PF Suspect N/N
OLWS O or OLWS PF Suspect N/N
DSLD DSLD PF Suspect  

Full colored Pedigree Boxes: mean that horse is duplicated elsewhere in the pedigree.
STATUS: if a horse is marked with a VREF that means the pedigree has been verified.
*** IF the horse has three stars after it's name *** it means the foal report is on file and all foals are in the database.

PF= Positive Foal, PGF = Positive Grandfoal, PGGF = positive great grandfoal, * means the horse is positive by default
CA= commona ancestor - BGP= Best Guess Positive - BGN Best Guess Negative - MLP=MOST LIKELY POSITIVE

these codes are internal codes used for establishing patterns and figuring out suspect horses 

If you see a horse here with errors or your horse is on here and you would like it removed please send us a polite message and ask us to remove or correct it. Our intention is not to offend but to provide information and to research pedigrees.
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